Energetic Wholeness

These sessions work with harmonising the integrity of our energy field.

As a result of this balancing, the rest of our system can mirror that balance in a variety of ways.

Our energy field is part of who we are and is connected to our different expressions. From emotions and vibration to our mental and physical bodies.

These sessions are simple to facilitate and experience, and don’t take very long.

One can allow whatever is the most appropriate balance to occur during a session, or work with something specific, which can range from relationships with others, to patterns of emotion or behaviour, feedback from our bodies or any intention we may have for our lives.

“The intensity and deep peace that went through my body and mind healing me at multiple levels is an experience that is definitely a first.”
Erika Gutierrez

“A lot was shifted in such a short period of time, I am so grateful for Mario’s presence and light that guided the process”
Sarah Jordana Herman